A foundation built to bring
hope to the hurting

The mission of Buffalo Gives is to build relationships at home and around the world, and we do this — first and foremost — by listening to people talk about their lived experiences, and listening to them tell us what they need. Each of us is an expert on our own life, and we believe people when they name their needs. 

A white woman with long blonde hair stands with her arm on the shoulder of a white man with short brown hair and a beard, wearing sunglasses. Both wear tan sweatshirts with the words "Buffalo Gives" printed on the front. The man has arm tattoos. They are in front of a blank store window with black trim and beige brick and stone walls.

We work to follow the example of Jesus, and to walk a path of grace and love that he modeled. There’s a story Jesus told the disciples about a shepherd who realized that one of his lambs didn’t return to the fold with the rest of the herd. The shepherd left the herd in search of the one who was separated from them. This story reminds us that every single individual matters, and that sometimes the right thing to do means walking away in search of the one who is lost, or hungry, or oppressed, or in danger. 

This is why we show up for our neighbors on the East Side of Buffalo, and it’s why we show up for our neighbors in Ukraine. Every person matters.

For questions about our work and how to get involved, reach out to us via email or phone.

Buffalo Gives is a nonprofit, public charity, recognized as tax-exempt  by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3).

buffalo gives
The Buffalo skyline in black outline paired with an inverse reflection of the Kyiv skyline, above the words, "Building relationships at home and around the world"